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PAR: Protocol for Accommodations in Reading

PAR (for Accommodations in Reading) is a comprehensive resource that provides a user-friendly, logical structure guiding the process of making data-based recommendations and decisions about appropriate instructional reading accommodations based on individual student needs.  PAR is a free, downloadable manual that includes a protocol for collecting data to examine student performance reading passages under 3 different conditions: independent reading, being read to by another person/adult (traditional read-aloud accommodation, and reading with a text-to-speech reader.  The results from each condition are then compared to help determine which condition best matches the needs of the student.  PAR includes reading samples for grades 3-10,  complete with comprehension questions and vocabulary samples. All reading passages and supplementary reading materials are available as both Word and ePUB formats so they can be easily used with the Don Johnston reader (Bookstream) or another text-to-speech reader (ex. Read & Write; Kurzweil).  Users also have a recorded webinar available, which explains the PAR and use of the materials even further.  This is a great tool for any member of a student  IEP (teacher, parent, specialist)  team who is looking for real data to drive decisions and/or need data to present for justification of reading accommodations for a student who is presented with barriers to traditional reading materials.  Link to download page (following registration) here.

PAR (Protocol for Accommodations in Reading) Information:

Authors:  Denise DeCoste, Ed.D., OTR   &  Linda Bastiani Wilson, MA, Ed.

Publisher:  Don Johnston, Inc.

Publisher Website:  donjohnston.com

Ordering Information:  User must register (by providing some basic information) which unlocks the 60 page manual for download

Cost: FREE

Released: 2012

Link to download page (following registration) here 

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