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Supporting Accessible Instructional Materials in Tennessee

AIM Navigator: Collaborative Tool for IEP Teams

The AIM Navigator is an interactive tool, available through CAST,  that facilitates the process of decision-making around accessible instructional materials for an individual student. The four major decision points in the process include 1) determination of need, 2) selection of format(s), 3) acquisition of format(s), and 4) selection of supports for use.  The AIM Navigator also includes a robust set of guiding questions and useful references and resources specifically related to each decision point.  Different scaffolds of support are built in so that teams can access information at the level needed to assist them in making informed, accurate decisions.

The AIM Navigator Online Tool: Go directly to the interactive tool. This tool requires connection to the Internet during use.

Additional information, including completed student samples and downloads for static versions of the AIM Navigator (for use when no internet connection is available) can be found here.

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