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Overview of Accessibility Features of iPads

The iOS operating system has several powerful accessibility features right out of the box.  An emphasis on accessibility is one of many ways the iPad and iOS devices are excellent examples of Universal Design Learningaccessibility settings ios

Vision and Reading Accessibility Features

Accessibility Features iPad

Accessibility Features

Voiceover.  Voiceover is a text to speech feature built into the iOS operating system.  Voiceover can read text from the internet, emails, and many apps.  The speed of speech is adjustable according to the needs of the user.

Zoom is fairly straight forward… it Zooms the screen in..

Large Text makes default text larger.

Invert Colors some people see white text on black background better than black text on white background.. this is for them.

Speak Selection when users select text in an app or on the internet or a book SPEAK SELECTION provides the opportunity to read that text aloud.

Speak Auto Text Automatically speaks corrections and auto text items.

Triple Click Home

         Triple Click Home is an option that allows users to easily turn on and off accessibility feature by pressing the HOME BUTTON three times quickly or “triple clicking home.”   This is an excellent way of toggling between an accessibility or several accessibility features.  This way users can toggle on and off accessibility features when they need them rather than going through menu’s every time they need to use an accessibility features.

Options under Triple Click home.

         Guided Access


         Invert Colors


         Assistive Touch

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