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iOS Accessibility: Voiceover and Speak Selection


Select VoiceOver to adjust Voiceover settings but my suggestion is …if you plan on using VoiceOver LEAVE the switch to OFF unless the user has a vision impairment.   VoiceOver will begin reading the entire screen aloud to you once it is turned on.  It works well is you have vision impairment but may become bit too much in a classroom setting without headphones.   Pick a speed that works the person using the device.   The more people use text to speech options like VoiceOver often the faster they begin to process the audio.



VoiceOver and Triple Click Home

To use Triple Click Home and VoiceOver together you can select VoiceOver on under the Triple Click Home menu.  This allows users to choose when to use VoiceOver quickly without having to go through the Settings menu.

The speed of the speech being read can be selected under the VoiceOver menu.

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