Getting AIM Materials


The decision to whether or not a student qualifies for accessible instructional materials should be determined by the IEP team.    The purpose of the TN AIM Center is to support Educators, Parents, and Students to make the best decision possible for the individual.    In Tennessee there are three primary providers of AIM materials.

Bookshare - Digital Text versions of instructional material that can be read aloud by many types of devices and software and which can be displayed in a variety of sizes and formats depending on the users needs.  Access to Bookshare is free for qualified users.

Learning Ally - Provides human read audio versions of many books including many textbooks or other instructional materials.    Access to Learning Ally is available by subscription.

TSB Resource Center  - The Tennessee School for the Blind has a braille resource center that can create braille materials for students with vision impairments.  The TN School for the Blind website: .  TSB Resource Center page can be found here:


Decision Making Tools

The National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials provides a selection of tools to help educators and families determine if a student qualifies for Accessible Instructional Materials.

AIM Navigator  an interactive tool to assist the IEP process of decision-making around accessible instructional materials for an individual student. The four major decision points in the process include:

  1. determination of need
  2. selection of format(s),
  3. acquisition of format(s)
  4. selection of supports for use.

The AIM Navigator provides a seriers of guiding questions and references to support the team at each decision point.
AIM Explorer  is actually a piece of software used to provide the opportunity to text out a variety of accessibility features.